Early warship (image source: Maritime Matters) Uckers (or "Ukkers") is a dice game played on a Ludo board. It is of ancient British naval origin, but has a great many similarities to Parchisi (or Parcheesi) - the board game sometimes described as "the national game of India". British sailors may therefore have developed their own version of the Indian game to pass the time on the long 18th/19th Century sailing voyages to and from India, the Dutch East Indies and Australia.

Oxford English Dictionary Extract According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the precise etymology of the game's title is unknown. Probably it is a term derived from old Anglo-Saxon terminology, for the process of "ucking" a piece off (ie. sending it back to its starting point) is descriptively similar to the term Backgammon (from the Anglo-Saxon bac gamen or "back game", where pieces are similarly sent back to a player's start table).

RNA logo Uckers is still played below decks on ships of Her Majesty's Royal Navy today. Regular Uckers tournaments are also held ashore between teams from certain RNA (Royal Naval Association) branches.

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