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Anglo-French Defence

White's QBP+KKt took external control of the centre.
Black's Pawn to Q4(d5) threatens the undefended White QBP but is set so as to occupy and hold the centre for as long as possible. White may concur with the strategy by a Neo-Catalan 3.P-KKt3 but usually switches to a QGD by 3.P-Q4. Categorised as a Reti line until 1960s ECO coding. B-Alt.
    White  Black    Alt. Reti O. route
 1. P-QB4  P-K3     (1.	Kt-KB3 P-Q4 )
 2. Kt-KB3 P-Q4     (2.	P-B4   P-K3 )

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