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ChessOps - KNIGHT and BISHOP Development

Knights are slow-stepping pieces that work best away from the back ranks or side files, but once established in the centre they can be very powerful. A knight on QR1(a1) controls only 2 squares but a knight on QB3(c3) controls 8 squares and thus is four times as powerful.

Bishops can (once freed) move rapidly, and have a wider choice of squares for development depending on the moves of your opponent. Reserve the development of your bishops therefore until you have brought out your knights, for this gives a better scope for the deployment of both pieces. Knights are also more useful early in the game, while bishops are more useful later on (when there is more room for their mobility).

The best square for developing the knight onto is generally (though not always) the third rank on the bishop's file (ie. B3) differing for colour, ie. mainly White's KKt-KB3 (Ng1-f3) but Black's QKt-QB3 (Nb8-c6) or KKt-KB3 (Ng8-f6).

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