Diagram 1:
Chess Board
Diagram 2:
Chess Board

It is useful to know something of endgame theory - for example the situation with blocked pawns.

Diag.1: Whoever moves, loses the pawn and the game.
Diag.2: Whoever moves, wins the pawn and the game (eg. 1.Kf6..Kd4, 2.Kf5 resulting in diag.1).
Diag.3: Whoever moves wins the pawn, but the opponent is able to draw the game (eg. 1.Kg5..Kd6, 2.Kf5..Kd7!, 3.Kxe5..Ke7 drawn).
Diag.4: With White to move it is drawn, but with Black to move Black wins (eg. White to move: 1.Kg4!..Kd5 in the same way as in diag.3, but Black to move: 1..Kc3!).

Diagram 3:
Chess Board
Diagram 4:
Chess Board

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