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[ECO code A03]
BIRD'S OPENING - Dutch Bird Var.
The Lasker Variation

White (like Black) developed his KKt to KB3, his dominating the dark centre Q4/K5(d4/e5) squares.
Black counters with Lasker's line, advancing his QBPawn to QB4(c4) prior to playing ..Kt-QB3, ..P-K4 (although 4.P-QKt3..Kt-B3?, 5.B-Kt5! was described by B.Cafferty in 1979 as good for White). B-Alt.
	White	Black
 1.	P-KB4	P-Q4
 2.	P-K3	Kt-KB3
 3.	Kt-KB3	P-B4

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