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[ECO code B13]
CARO-KANN DEF. - Panov-Botvinnik Attack
The Spielmann Counter-Attack

White's QB half-pinned Black's king's-side knight.
Black develops his Queen to QKt3(b6) threatening 7.PxP..QxKtP - a "poisoned pawn" disastrous for Rudolf Spielmann vs. Botvinnik in 1935! B-Alt.
    White  Black	White  Black
 1. P-K4   P-QB3     6.	B-Kt5  Q-Kt3
 2. P-Q4   P-Q4
 3. PxP	   PxP
 4. P-QB4  Kt-KB3
 5. Kt-QB3 Kt-B3

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