Chess Board
[ECO code A81]
DUTCH INDIAN (aka. Modern V.) to MAIN LINE

Black developed his KBP+KKt for strong control of Q4+K5(d5+e4), preventing a White P-K4 advance.
White transposes back into the main by a QBPawn advance to QB4(c4) contesting for control of Black's Q4(d5), reserving Kt-QB3 to follow. W-Alt.
    White  Black    Transp.White Black
 1. P-Q4   P-KB4	  (1.)
 2. P-KKt3 P-K3	    (2.	P-QB4  P-K3  )
 3. B-Kt2  Kt-KB3   (3.	P-KKt3 Kt-KB3)
 4. P-QB4	    (4.	B-Kt2	     )

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