Chess Board
[ECO code A26]
ENGLISH OPENING - King's Fianchetto V.
Closed Var. - The Botvinnik System

Black (like White) set his QP on Q3(d6) to triple KP support and free his QB, content to allow 6.P-K4.
White advances his King's Pawn to a strongly defended K4(e4) - the Botvinnik System.
    White  Black	White  Black
 1. P-QB4  P-K4	     6.	P-K4
 2. Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3
 3. P-KKt3 P-KKt3
 4. B-Kt2  B-Kt2
 5. P-Q3   P-Q3

Example ends: Undo or Jump or Clear