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[ECO code C39]
Berlin Defence

White develops his Queen's Knight to Q2(d2), attacking Black's knight on K4(e4).
Black advances his Queen's Pawn to the centre to defend his knight, maintaining equality.
    White  Black     6.	P-Q4!  P-Q3
 1. P-K4   P-K4	     7. Kt-Q3  KtxP
 2. P-KB4  PxP	     8.	BxP    Q-K2
 3. Kt-KB3 P-KKt4    9.	Q-K2   Kt-B3
 4. P-KR4  P-Kt5    10.	P-B3   P-KR4
 5. Kt-K5  Kt-KB3   11.	Kt-Q2  P-Q4

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