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Two Knights Defence

White's KKt cut his KKt4(g5) control, for 4..KtxP.
White's Pawn to Q3(d3) behind his KB defends his KP. The Bishop's quieter Modern branch revived in the 1980s is often transposed in. Black may set 4..B-B4 for a Giuoco Pianissimo. W-Alt.
     White   Black
 1.  P-K4    P-K4
 2.  Kt-KB3  Kt-QB3
 3.  B-B4    Kt-B3
 4.  P-Q3	   Transp.from Bish.O.

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Chess Board

BLACK moves King's Bishop:

B-B4 (Bc5) or B-K2 (Be7) ?

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