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[ECO code C37]
(KGA.) MUZIO GAMBIT - (The) Side Var.
White developed his queen's rook to K1(e1), attacking Black's Q4(d4) queen.
Black's threatened Queen moves to QB4(c5) to check White's king. Howard Staunton proved in the 1840s that this move should lose for Black. B-Alt.
    White  Black     6.	QxP    Q-B3
 1. P-K4   P-K4	     7.	P-K5   QxP
 2. P-KB4  PxP	     8.	P-Q3   B-R3
 3. Kt-KB3 P-KKt4    9.	Kt-B3  Kt-K2
 4. B-B4   P-KKt5   10.	B-Q2   QKt-B3
 5. 0-0!   PxKt	    11.	QR-K1  Q-QB4?!

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