Chess Board
[ECO code E21]
NIMZO-INDIAN DEF. - Three Kts. Var.
Korchnoi Var. - The Euwe Variation

White's QP on to Q5(d5) challenged Black's KP.
Black's K-side Knight to K5(e4) attacks White's pinned QKt and enables 6.Q-B2..Q-B3. Max Euwe (pron. er-way) 1901-81 was W.Champ. 1935-7.
	White   Black
 1.	P-Q4    Kt-KB3
 2.	P-QB4   P-K3
 3.	Kt-QB3  B-Kt5
 4.	Kt-B3   P-B4
 5.	P-Q5	Kt-K5

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