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[ECO code C29]
VIENNA GAME - Falkbeer Var.
Breyer Variation

White's Q3(d3) Bishop under attack starts a third pawn exchange, removing Black's pawn on K4(e4).
Black's QB3(c6) Knight exchanges, taking White's QP on Q5(d4) to still attack the KKt for a level game.
    White  Black     6.	P-Q4   0-0
 1. P-K4   P-K4      7.	B-Q3   P-KB4
 2. Kt-QB3 Kt-KB3    8.	PxP ep BxP
 3. P-B4   P-Q4      9.	0-0    Kt-B3
 4. BPxP   KtxP     10.	KtxKt  PxKt
 5. Kt-B3  B-K2     11.	BxP    KtxP

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