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 Where version, e.g. (v1.) indicated, click Date-icon for project overview, or Image/Title for latest version 

3H Watch 3H Military - Information about the world's leading brand of military wristwatch.
Algarve Project Overview Algarve Villas Algarve-Villas (v2c) - Places to rent in southern Portugal (co-design C.Young).
Alsigns-Surelite Alsigns-Surelite Ltd - Makers of "Permaglo" energy free light source products.
Ambrose Cottage Ambrose Cottage - Bed and Breakfast accomodation in Bridsport, Dorset.
Brewers Plaques Brewers - Gilders and plaque makers, also picture frame restorers.
Chessops Chess Openings - Increase your understanding of 300+ openings and defences.
CycleEasy Logo CycleEasy - Suppliers and fitters of electric bike conversion kits.
HRA Logo Horsell Residents Association - Community website sponsored by EUdesign.
Violets Joanna Lloyd - Website of UK landscape garden designer, with examples.
MFF Logo Mad For Food - UK food & drink product developer and event organiser.
Male Family Male Family Gatherings - A study of 60th Wedding Anniversary (1923) photos.
Masala Spice Masala Spice - Traditionally cooked Indian takeaway meals in Horsell.
Design Overview MMC Online MMC Online - Designing for MMC Online from 7/98 to 3/00.
Mnemonics Mnemonics - Index and 120+ examples of how to aid one's memory of facts.
Oakfield Badge Oakfield School - Designer's copy of a Surrey School website.
Oscars Oscars Lists - Charts who/what won which major Hollywood Award, and when.
RASASC RASASC - Rape And Sexual Abuse Support Centre, Guildford, Surrey.
Design Overview Tigon Art Tigon Crafts - Website for calligrapher and craftswoman Fiona Graham-Flynn.
Trasers Traser Swiss Watches - Military/diver/classic, with permanent light technology.
Wesson Fencing Wesson Fencing - Supply / Fix / Repair all types - Established 1964.


Autobit Project Overview Autobit Racing Autobit Racing (v5) - A demo of motor-parts quotations driven by JavaScript.
BSBD Project BSBD Logo Project - A frameset gallery of designs for a German company logo.
White Queen Dynamic HTML Chess - With onscreen drag-&-drop movement of all pieces.
HTML Primer HTML Primer - Examples of first codings written 1996 while learning HTML3
Janus Logo Janus Project - Demo of faster downloading for a Slovenian (copy) website.
RNA Badge Royal Naval Association - (Unofficial) Project web for the charity organisation.
Colour Spectrum Shades of JavaScriptColour - A programmed 195-colour ref. chart + dump!
Spectre Spectre 16/256-Models - A sportscar illustrated in 16/256-colour choices.
Spot The Difference Spot The Difference! - A programming-project to increase screen-interactivity.
Taxonomy Taxonomy - A multi-frame model classifying most orders of living organisms.
Two-Text Banners Two-Text Banners - Free - Make your own two-text HTML banner here!
Board Games Uckers & Backgammon - The rules of the games! Includes outcome probabilities.


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