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Family Tree Orders

Copies are available of the extensive Male family tree researched and hand-drafted by Peter Hobbs. The tree comes in two parts - an A1-sized sheet covering the "modern" years 1842 to date (detailing about 270 known descendents of Thomas and Anna Male, plus spouses), and an A2-sized sheet covering the years 1650-1850s (containing 45 ancestors and siblings of Thomas Male traced back through seven generations in Barrington parish in Somerset).

Latest versions of one or both parts of the trees are available as follows, posted inside a cardboard tube container for protection and sent by "Recorded Delivery" (UK destinations) or "International Signed For" (USA/AUSTRALIA destinations):

Tree(s): Covering
Size: Last
UK Price (incl.p&p):US/AUS Price (incl.p&p):
Paper B/W
in plastic
Paper B/W
in plastic
"Ancestor" 1650s-1850s A2 April 1992 £8.97£19.77 £14.10£26.62
"Modern" 1842-present A1 July 1994 £9.74£29.36 £14.87£36.21
Both trees:   both   pair £11.54pair £39.97 pair £16.67pair £46.82

N.B. Prices calc. in Sept.2008 (£GB) may have changed since (e-mail to enquire).

If ordering by post, please send a cheque for the appropriate amount payable to "Peter Hobbs" at the address given below.

Anyone wishing to add further family tree information or enquire about any current tree entries may contact Peter Hobbs by:
E-mail: to
Telephone: +44 (0)1483 824069
Post: 14 South Road, Horsell,WOKING, Surrey GU21 4JU, England

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