Designed by Peter V.Hobbs
Woking, Surrey GU21 4JU (UK).
Tel: (+44)(0)1483 - 764212

This web began in July 1997 as a 10-page module for use in advertising a new IPP (Internet Presence Provider), each page to have a banner-ad and attract search-links.

Expanded in Oct.1997 into a full project (frames, index and 40+ items) for the Designer's Website alone, as the IPP had still not yet launched!

Updated regularly since, with +75 items by December 1998, with an additional facility added for sending in new mnemonic suggestions in early 1999.

Design features include:

  • Minimum graphics, for faster page-views.
  • Frameset, to avoid reloading index.
  • Colour b/ground, to emphasise frame-slides.
  • Project tested thru N2.0, N3.1, N4, IE2
  • J/script to alternate an alpha/category index.
  • J/script to light up V-links (because tabled).
  • Source information is from several books (noteably Encyclopaedia Britannica, Methuen's Dictionary of Mnemonics, Brewer's Phrase and Fable), friends (Mike Evans supplied Pi to 6 places!), my own school memories, and lastly from experimenting with patterns of facts - the mnemonics one makes for oneself don't always work for others, but they're fun to try!

    Peter Hobbs
    Feb 2000


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