Here's a new mnemonic for remembering the titles of all the novels of Jane Austen (1775-1817), in the approximate order in which they were written:

" His Lady PPS'S NAME - PERSon "

"The History of England, by a..."
"Lady Susan"
"Pride and Prejudice" (1796-7, pub.anon.1811)
"Sense and Sensibility" (1797-8, pub.anon.1811)
"Northanger Abbey" (1797-8, pub.anon.1811)
("The Watsons")
"Mansfield Park" (1810-?, pub.anon.18--?)
"Emma" (1810-?, pub.18--?)
"PERsuasion" (1812-16, pub.1818)

Jane Austen was the first ever female novelist in English Literature to be published, albeit anonymously at the time. Before her death at Winchester in 1817, five of her six major novels had come into print, each attributed to "A Lady". The last was published a year later under her real name.

Of her lesser works, "The History of England, by a Partial, Prejudiced & Ignorant Historian" was written in 1791 aged 15 for a family amusement. "Lady Susan" (publ.1871) was also written when she was very young, and only the draft of a dozen chapters of "Sanditon" (her last, unfinished novel) survives. "The Watsons" (publ.1928) was a fragment penned during her 12 year period of non-writing in the early 1800s and completed by others.


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