Here is a mnemonic sentence that gives the names of the seven continents of the earth via the first two letters of (almost) every word:

"Eat An Aspirin After A Naff Sandwich"

(Europe, Antarctica, Asia, Africa, Australia, N.America, S.America)

A continent is a large, unbroken land mass, of which geographers recognise seven in total. Notably, Europe and Asia are counted as two separate continents (divided by the Ural mountains) because historically the Old World has always been "divided" between East and West at the Bosphorus in Istanbul (Turkey). Also Australia (often called Oceania) is recognised as a continent (albeit the smallest at 3.5 million square miles or 6% of the earth's land mass) rather than an island, leaving Greenland as the largest island on earth (its 850,000 square miles being only 1.5% of the land mass).

Asia is the largest continent, being 17 million square miles (or 24%), but in colloquial English speech "the continent" refers to the land mass of mainland Europe excluding the British Isles.


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