Here's a modern mnemonic quoted by the UK Freeserve website that signifies the four main points to consider when choosing the most practical domain name to register for yourself or your business:

" RAIL "

(Recall, Aesthetics, Impressions, Length)

Using the acronym (a word formed from the initial letters of other words) will help you to choose the best name:

  • Recall: Will the domain name be easy to use/remember? Choose a name that's easy to recall.
  • Aesthetics: How does the name look written on paper? How will it appear alongside other lettering on business cards and company stationery? Choose a name for its aesthetic quality.
  • Impressions: First impressions can be crucial (you never get a second chance to make a good first impression), so select an appropriate domain name with care. Choose a name that will give an immediate good impression.
  • Length: In general when picking a name, less is more. Typing a short web-address is always preferable to typing a long one. Choose for length.

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