Dressage is a means of testing the control of a horse by a rider in competition. Here's a mnemonic sentence suggested by Alison Fiddler of Preston, Lancs to recall the clockwise order of the 8 main letters set around the perimeter of a dressage arena:

All King Edward's Horses Can Manage Big Fences.

Dressage Arena

A small dressage arena is 20x40 metres in area, has an entrance at point A, and has 8 measured boundary position points signified by the letters A-K-E-H-C-M-B-F. Additionally it has 3 more position points D-X-G along an imaginary centre-line between A and C. The distance from A to D is 6 metres, while D to X (the arena centre) is 14 metres, X-G is also 14 metres, and G-C is 6 metres.

A standard (ie. large) dressage arena is 20x60 metres, with 4 additional boundary letters (V,S,P,R) and 2 extra centre-line letters (L,I). Distances A-D and G-C are still 6 metres in the large arena, but D-L, L-X, X-I, and I-G are 12 metres each.

Dressage tests involve rider and horse in performing the walk, the trot, the canter, the rein back, transitions, the half-halt, and includes lateral movements such as Leg yielding, Shoulder in, Travers, Renvers, Half pass. Also the Passage, the Collection, the Piaffe...


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