A useful mnemonic rhyme to remember, in order to avoid a hangover (or worse!):

"Beer on whisky? Very risky!
Whisky on beer, never fear..."

The rule for "whisky" applies to all spirits in general! Rock Hopp has e-mailed (3/00) a variation using the US-style "liquor":

"Liquor after beer, you're in the clear.
"Beer after liquor, never sicker."

Ultimately one should try never to mix grape and grain...

"Wine on beer? Makes you queer!"

Jeanie has e-mailed (10/99) a further variation:

"Wine after beer makes you feel queer
but beer after wine makes you feel fine!"

All combined, this suggests one might be able to start with wine, move onto beer and then end up with whisky - but don't take our word for it, as we haven't done any actual research on the results! A proper medical explanation of the effect of mixing drinks in the stomach would be much appreciated if anyone knows it...


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