Here are several new mnemonics by Peter Hobbs illustrating the 9 Greek Muses (daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, and goddesses who presided over learning and the arts):


(CAlliope, CLio, EUterpe, THalmia, MElpomene, TEpsichore, ERato, POlyhymnia, URania)

Clio is the best-known, being the Muse of history. Two others in particular (Thalmia and Melpomene) represent comedy and tragedy:

Each Muse represented a different art, which most of their names can also be "associated" with:

C-all-I-o-PE .... epic poetry/song (CIPE=epic rev.)
C-lio ..... history (C.=circa/century)
euterpe ..... lyric poetry/song
t-HA-lmia ..... comedy
m-ELP-omene ..... tragedy
terpsi-CHORE ..... choral dancing
ER-at-O ..... erotic (ie.love) poetry/song
poly-HYMN-ia ..... sacred poetry/song
URAN-ia ..... astronomy


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