Here's a new mnemonic method developed by Peter Hobbs in 1997 for memorising the names of the only English/British Monarchs to have reigned for 50 years or more. Note that the method worked fine until Queen Elizabeth II joined the list in 2002!:

" V and three 3rds"

(Queen Victoria and the first 3 "Third" monarchs found alphabetically, ie.

They reigned:
64 years - Victoria (1837-1901)
60 years - George III (1760-1820)
56 years - Henry III (1216-72)
51 years - Edward III (1327-77)

James "I & VI" ruled Scotland for over 50 years (1567-1625), but ruled England for only 22 years of that time (1603-1625).

In early 1997 Elizabeth II overtook her namesake Elizabeth I's reign of 44 1/3 years (1558-1603), to become England's 5th-longest reigning monarch.

In 2002 Elizabeth II also celebrated her Golden Jubilee, having reigned from 1952-2002, and in 2003 she is due to overtake Edward III in the list.


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