Here's an established mnemonic for the dates and places of John Churchill, Duke of Marlborough's main victories in the War of the Spanish Succession (1702-13). Think of the Duke's telephone number:

" BROM 4689 "

(Blenheim 1704, Ramillies 1706,
Ouidenarde 1708, Malplaquet 1709)

Known as Queen Anne's War by the Americans, it was fought to settle the dispute caused by the death without heirs of Charles II of Spain. Marlborough led the Grand Alliance (of Britain, the Netherlands and Austria) against the expanding forces of French.

The battle of Blenheim (called Hochstadt by the French and Germans), fought on the Danube in partnership with Prince Eugenie of Savoy, was the first major victory won by a British general in Europe since Agincourt in the days of Henry V nearly 300 years earlier.


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