Here's a mnemonic means of recalling the precise order of all thirteen of the Marx Brothers' film comedies:

Oh NUTS, Three More ANIMALS, NIGHT & DAY Seven
Make ROOM at the CIRCUS, go WEST, STORE Eleven
Then Play CASABLANCA Again - HAPPY Heaven !?!

The full film titles being as follows:

1: 1929 - The Cocoanuts (Paramount)
2: 1930 - Animal Crackers (Paramount)

3: 1931 - Monkey Business (Paramount)
4: 1932 - Horse Feathers (Paramount)
5: 1933 - Duck Soup (Paramount)

6: 1935 - A Night At The Opera (MGM)
7: 1937 - A Day At The Races (MGM)

8: 1938 - Room Service (RKO)
9: 1939 - At The Circus (MGM)
10: 1940 - Go West (MGM)
11: 1941 - The Big Store (MGM)
12: 1946 - A Night In Casablanca (Independent)

13: 1949 - Love Happy (Independent)

The Marx Brothers (Groucho, Harpo and Chico Marx, occasionally joined by fourth brother Zeppo) made most of their feature-length comedies in the 1930's, during Hollywood's "golden age". Their first film was an adaptation of their successful 1925 Broadway hit play but by the third ("Monkey Business") they were writing original screenplays that highlighted their energy and madness to best effect.

All of their films have become classic comedies, but in particular their first seven films (mostly for Paramount, before their move to the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer studio) are highly rated by most critics. The titles of these first seven can be recalled in groups as:

ANIMALS --> M/H/D ('31/2/3)


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