Here's a mnemonic illustration of the dates of the two greatest British/Allied victories over Napoleon Bonaparte, at sea off Cape Trafalgar led by Admiral Nelson and on land at Waterloo led by Lord Wellington and Marshal Von Blucher:

With Roman numerals "V" and "XV" (like "W"),
MDCCC+V = 1805 (Trafalgar, HMS Victory)
MDCCC+XV = 1815 (Waterloo, Wellington).

And counting backwards from the final defeat in 1815, one can recall Napoleon's earlier defeats ending the Peninsular War and the Eastern campaign:

(-1 to lose) was the battle of Toulouse (1814).
(-2 decreas't) was Leipzig in the east (1813).

After Toulouse, Napoleon was exiled on the island of Elba in the Mediterranean until his escape in 1815, and after Waterloo he was exiled farther away, on St. Helena in the Atlantic (where he eventually died). His initial exile can be recalled by a famous palindrome (a sentence reading the same backwards):

"Able was I ere I saw Elba."


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