Here's a mnemonic sent in by Max Von Ferrarim (11/00) that recalls the proper sequence of Lord Nelson's injuries - what parts and in what order:

"   E   A   R s   "

(Eye, Arm, Right [x2])

Viscount Admiral Horatio Nelson (1758-1805) is probably the greatest tactician in naval history, and is chiefly remembered for defeating Napoleon's fleet off Cape Trafalgar, where he died of a shot wound during the height of the battle.

Nelson was seriously injured in several earlier battles however. At the outbreak of the Napoleonic Wars in 1793 he was made Captain of the battleship Agamemnon and given command of operations against the French island of Corsica where, during seven months of hard fighting ashore, he partially lost the sight in his right eye in 1794.

Three years later in 1797 as Rear Admiral Nelson he lost his right arm during an assault on the Spanish base of Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. He also received a severe head wound at the Battle of the Nile in 1798, after which he spent two years recouperating in Naples (where he met and began a very public affair with Lady Hamilton).

None of these injuries caused his career to suffer. In fact he used his injuries to advantage on occasion, most famously at the Battle of Copenhagen (1801) where, ordered by Admiral Parker to cease a daring harbour attack on the Danish fleet because of early losses, Nelson raised a telescope to his blind eye and announced "I really do not see the signal", before going on to destroy the fleet (preventing its use by Napoleon). His remark is now often paraphrased in seafaring comedies as "I see no ships - only 'ardships!"


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