Here is a mnemonic rhyme by Barbara D. Martin (3/01) that teaches the basis of correct paragraphing in English.

The Four "T"s

Four "T"s, a little writing rhyme
Of Topic, Territory, Talker, Time
When there's a change in one of these
Start a new paragraph if you please.

Paragraphing was devised as a visual aid for drawing the reader's attention to the organisation of an extended piece of text. Paragraphs are punctuation marks showing how some sentences are grouped together (in the same way that commas and full stops show how some words are grouped into sentences).

Paragraphs may be long or short. Each represents a unit of thought, not a unit of length. The sentences within a paragraph usually deal with one specific theme, topic or idea and a new paragraph usually indicates a new theme being introduced. Furthermore in fiction writing, each speaker's dialogue usually starts a new paragraph.

A separate page details the rare few spelling rules that exist for the English language.


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