Here is a new mnemonic idea and diagram by Peter Hobbs to remember the year that the Pilgrim Fathers sailed from England to America:

Pilgrim Board

The international "time" denotes the year of the voyage (1620), as if:

" It's twenty past four
- Let's go ashore! "

The "Pilgrim Fathers" (as they later became known) were a congregation of Nonconformist Puritans from Lincolnshire who settled in Holland in 1609 for a while until, wishing to remain English, they petitioned King James I for permission to found the New England of their dreams in America.

A group of 102 men, women and children set sail for America from Plymouth (UK) in the ship The Mayflower on September 6th 1620 after an initial abortive start from Southampton. They made landfall on November 9th at Cape Cod (Near Boston, Massachusetts) before founding a colony at Plymouth nearby.

Contrary to popular belief they were not the first American colonists, however. For example Plymouth Ma. was an abandoned Indian hamlet with freshwater springs that had already been named by Captain John Smith in 1614, and the Pilgrim Fathers had actually been heading for the existing British colony of Virginia!

With its harsh climate and poor soil, the eastern seaboard of North America was uninviting territory, and for the first century after its discovery (by John Cabot in 1497), the great Newfoundland fisheries were its main attraction, even after Verrazzano traced the coastline in 1527 to reveal its continental nature. Fish and furs remained the only reason for any trading posts in North America, and settlement only began with the eventual foundation of Acadia (later Nova Scotia) as a territory by the French in 1604, followed by Virginia (1607), New France (1608, along the St.Lawrence river), then Plymouth by the Pilgrims, and then the wider Massachusetts Bay (1629) settled by the Massachusetts Bay Company.


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