Here's a mnemonic representing the four principal "Roman" highways in Britain:

" Roman WIFE (S.W.) "

Watling Street
Icknield Street/Way
Fosse Way
Ermine Street
(Each is either a Street or a Way)

Watling Street (Dover-London-Chester) may be a corruption of "Vitellina strata", the paved road of Vitellius (called "Guetalin" by the Britons).

Icknield Street or Way (Norfolk-Cornwall) is partly pre-Roman, and may be associated with the Iceni tribe of Norfolk/Suffolk.

The Fosse or Fosse-Way (Bath-Lincoln) had a "fosse" (or ditch) on each side of it.

Ermine Street (London-Hadrian's Wall) was extended from a pre-Roman road (Colchester-York), and may be called after Old Teutonic "Irmin" (large, mighty).


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