Here's a mnemonic method of determining the official start date for every season. Count the vowels in each seasonal word - they give a clue for the dates:

sprIng = (1) = 21st March onwards
sUmmEr = (2) = 22nd June onwards
AUtUmn = (3) = 23rd Sept onwards
wIntEr = (2) = 22nd Dec onwards

The dates are significant in many ways:

21st March - Spring Equinox - Aries begins
22nd June - longest day - Cancer yesterday
23rd Sept - Autumn Equinox - Libra begins
22nd Dec - shortest day - Capricorn tomorrow

For approximate dates, remember the shortest day of the year (or Winter Solstice) is just a few days before Christmas and seasons change every 3rd month, so each season begins on the "twenty-something" of Dec+3 = Mar/June/Sept/Dec.

But given "twenty-something", it should be easy to cycle through 21, +1, +1, (-1), (-1) for exact dates:


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