Here is a fundamental mnemonic reminder of the main points of good salesmanship. Some people are "born salesmen", but almost anybody can sell successfully if they apply ALL of the principles properly:


    "Plan" beforehand:

  • P - Prepare by research
  • L - Lose time, lose all
  • A - Analyse the situation
  • N - Never just call
  • "Aims" during:

  • A - Arrest the senses
  • I - Interest by questions and novelty
  • M - Move by proof and demonstration
  • S - Succeed in getting a "yes"
  • "Etc" afterwards:

  • E - Evaluate the outcome
  • T - Teach yourself and others
  • C - Check for results

Most of the principles above are self-explanatory, but a few points that are often too-easily forgotten are worth expanding upon.

Prepare by research - Find out about your client's needs and circumstances beforehand, and always apply the "PPPPP" principle!

Never just call - Always have a strong and valid reason for contact, otherwise your self-introduction is more likely to result in a wasted sales opportunity.

Arrest the senses - Stick to your target and don't take it personally if a sales pitch attracts criticism or rebuttal. Similarly don't be misled or put off by the personality or charm of others. A good salesman should not (at the time) be sensitive to their own feelings, but should simply continue with his/her aim to succeed in the sale.

Succeed in getting a "yes" - A client who commits to something - anything, even just an agreement to meet again - is far, far easier to sell to next time, than a client who is simply left undecided.

Check for results - Make sure that the client does get what you've sold them, or else there will no opportunity for a further sale in the future!


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