Here are two useful mnemonic phrases for beginners learning to play snooker. Firstly how to set up the coloured balls correctly on the table:

" God Bless You! "
(ie. Green, Brown, Yellow)

Looking at the table from the baulk end (the end where the white ball is placed at the start of a frame), the balls are placed on the 'D' from left to right as Green, Brown, Yellow.

To remember the right order for potting the colours in sequence after the last red ball has gone, just recall the sentence:

You Go Brown Before Potting Black
(ie. Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink, Black)

The 15 red balls are worth a point each, but the remaining 7 colours above are worth 2-7 points in the same ascending order (ie. yellow=2, 7=black).

Mnemonic source: "How to Develop a Perfect Memory" by Dominic O'Brien.


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