Here's a humorous new mnemonic by Peter Hobbs for the locations of the ten oldest Universities in Great Britain. Imagine a Scottish "Homer Simpson" character reciting the alphabet:


1.Oxford (1249), 2.Cambridge (1284),

3.St.Andrews (1411), 4.Glasgow (1451), 5.Aberdeen (1495),

6.Edinburgh (1583),

7.Durham (1832), 8.London (1836), 9.Manchester (1851), 10.Newcastle (1852, though a college of Durham until 1963).

"Oxbridge" is a standard term denoting an association with Oxford or Cambridge, but the term "ga'ed" means "went (ie. said)" in broad Scots dialect - and the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th universities to be founded are all in Scotland.

A "football team layout" listing in "2-3-1-4" formation helps to recall approximately the different centuries of their founding dates (ie. 1200s, 1400s, 1583 and 1800s). It's also worth noting that, remarkably, after Oxford and Cambridge another 583 years passed before England's third university was founded at Durham in the far north-east.

Oxford and Cambridge universities are composed of several colleges - by 1980 Oxford had 36 and Cambridge 27. For the oldest (founding) colleges at each, just remember:


The oldest university college in Oxford is actually called "University College", and the oldest in Cambridge is "Peterhouse College".


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