HTML3 Quick-Ref.

Index of Stepped Examples

Internet Glossary
The following stepped examples are based on codings and descriptions in the book "HTML3 Manual of Style" (1995) by Larry Aronson (which I recommend to anyone interested in reading about the subject).
P.V.Hobbs - Woking, Surrey GU21 4JU, GB - Feb.1997

Note: Actual HTML-tags are invisible on the screen, and are not always fully described in the examples: Use your browser menu's "view-source" (or ^U) to compare the tagged text-layout and the screen-result for each page... Netscape has the best facility for this - it highlights every tag in a bold, purple colour... Pvh (4/98).

Ex.1a - Simple HTML Example
Ex.1b - Another Simple Example
Ex.1c - Paragraphs and Breaks
Ex.1d - Centred Headings
Ex.1e - Preformatted Text Example
Ex.1f - Ordered/Unordered Lists
Ex.1g - Definition Lists
Ex.1h - Horizontal Tabs

Ex.2a - Simple Table
Ex.2b - Complex Table
Ex.2c - HTML Style Tags
Ex.2d - Forms (Input/Textarea)
Ex.2e - Forms (Radio/Checkbox)
Ex.3a - Inline Images
Ex.3b - Anchors and Links (1)
Ex.3c - Anchors and Links (2)
Ex.3d - Image Alignment

Ex.4a - Forms (Guest Book 1)
Ex.4b - Forms (Guest Book 2)
Ex.4c - Forms (Guest Book 3)
Ex.5a - Background Colours (1)
Ex.5b - Background Colours (2)
Ex.5c - Text Font Colours
Ex.6a - Background Images (1)
Ex.6b - Background Images (2)
Ex.7a - Image Tables