Visitors to this year's London Motor Show were the first to witness the launch of a new Super Sportscar - The Spectre R42. With outstanding performance and quality design, only the lower price tag differentiates the Spectre R42 from other supercars in its class. Conceived, designed and manufactured in England by Spectre Supersports Ltd, the car is presently available to order for an early Summer '96 delivery.

Constructed from the latest materials the Spectre R42 features a rigid composite body shell. Using this design Spectre Supersports in Poole fulfilled their main goal to keep the weight to a minimum in order to achieve class leading performance.

Powered by a
New American V8!

The Spectre R42 has awesome power - the modified high-tech 32-valve, 4.6 litre Ford V8 engine delivers 350BHP at 5900 revs. The car accelerates from 0-60 in 4 seconds and continues like a "rocket" until reaching its rev limited maximum speed of an incredible 175mph. And if that's not enough for your personal desire, Spectre Supersports Ltd has an even faster race version, the Spectre R42 GTR!!

Like many supercars the Spectre R42 is mid-engined resulting in excellent balance with precise driver control. With a 42/58% front to rear weight distribution the Spectre R42 is absolutely predictable when driven at its limits. The independent race-style suspension incorporates adjustable shock absorbers for excellent ride quality and maximum roadholding. Despite only having driven it for a relatively short distance, I found the Spectre R42 to be one of the most promising and exciting Super Sportscars I have ever driven. The response is just phenomenal and the sound from the engine is like music to a sportscar buff like me!

A Racing Car in a Dinner Jacket!

Although the Spectre R42 is extremely fast and constructed with the GT World Championship in mind, it is also designed to be a comfortable partner for long day trips to the continent. The Dinner Jacket represents the sleek exterior, sumptuous interior and its easiness to drive - fit to grace the fashionable boulevards - yet remove the Dinner Jacket and you have a car capable of challenging on the race track.

Unlike many other mid-engined sportscars, the interior is spacious and will easily accomodate a 6'6" tall driver. It is also very easy to place the Spectre R42 on the road thanks to the good front and rear visibility. Inside the ergonometrically designed cockpit you will find luxurious leather trim and Wilton carpets. The luggage space is provided by a compartment located at the front of the car.

Value for Money!

At a cost of £69,950 the Spectre R42 represents one of the best opportunities of owning a performance Supercar. The timeless styling, the strong low maintenance Ford V8, the extremely stiff monocoque chassis and its ride quality put the Spectre R42 in a class of its own. I am sure that the modern Spectre Supersports factory will be extremely busy in trying to supply the demand for the new Spectre R42!

If you want to know more about the Spectre R42 give the company a ring on 01202 657 226.

David Arneil - 1996