ALAPIN OPENING (aka. Hippopotamus)

Board Position
One of the rarer King's Pawn defences adopted by White after initial steps along the "Épine Dorsale" (a set of moves common to several openings). Named after Semyon Alapin (1856-1923), a Latvian player and openings analyst, it was also jokingly called "The Hippopotamus Game" for a period.
White plays 2.Kt-K2 in move 2 (left) with the intention of reserving P-KB4 (a delayed King's Gambit manoevre) as a third (and supported) move.
Board Position
White's king's-side knight and central pawns gain a slight lead in development while sending Black's knight on a short tour, before Black regains equality (move 8, right). Alternative lines include the Exchange Variation as well as the famous "Hippopotamus Game" checkmate.
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or see move: 1 e4 e5 2 Ne2 Nf6 3 f4 Nxe4 4 d3 Nc5 5 fxe5 d5 6 d4 Ne6 7 Nf4 c5 8 Nc3