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Intermediate players may find less-familiar openings to study here.

Beginners are advised to use the shortlist on the Clear screen.
Advanced players may also wish to study via the Full Group-List or the Full Alpha-Index.

Titles in bold type below indicate major description pages ("Jump" screens).
Numbers indicate the volume of board-pages in each section (total 10,559 in June 2010).

King's Pawn Openings (5,665)

Open Games (More about) (3,681)
King's Gambit (469)
Giuoco Piano (or Italian Opening) (468)
Two Knights Defence (175)
Ruy Lopez (or Spanish Opening) (905)
Petroff's Defence (192)
Scotch Game (151)
Vienna Game (214)
Four Knights Game (144)
Three Knights Opening (62)
Philidor's Defence (208)
Ponziani's Opening (41)
Centre Game (125)
Latvian Counter-Gambit (27)
Bishop's Opening & Transpositions (234)
Hungarian Defence (25)
Queen's Pawn Counter-Gambit (46)
Alapin Opening (27)
Semi-Open Games (More about) (1,984)
(1.P-K4..without P-K4 reply)
Alekhine Defence (159)
Caro-Kann Defence (202)
French Defence (579)
Sicilian Defence (741)
Pirc Defence (100)
Robatsch (or Modern) Defence (91)
Centre Counter or Scandinavian Def. (65)
Nimzowitsch Defence (47)

Queen's Pawn Openings (3,767)

Close Openings (More about) (1,426)
  Queen's Gambit (1,158)
  (1.P-Q4..P-Q4, 2.P-QB4)
Orthodox Queen's Gambit Declined
Tarrasch Defence (62)
Queen's Gambit Accepted (160)
Slav Defence (173)
Semi-Slav Defence (106)
Chigorin Defence (57)
Albin Counter-Gambit
  Queen's Pawn Games (268)
  (1.P-Q4..P-Q4, without 2.P-QB4)
Trompowski Opening
Colle System (58)
Richter-Veresov Attack
Semi-Close Openings (More about) (2,341)
(1.P-Q4..without P-Q4 reply)
  Indian Defences (1,606)
  (1.P-Q4..Kt-KB3, 2.P-QB4)
Catalan Opening (104)
Nimzo-Indian Defence (364)
Queen's Indian Defence (176)
Bogoljubow (or Bogo-Indian) Defence
King's Indian Defence (363)
Grünfeld Defence (194)
Modern Benoni Defence (153)
  Non-Indian Defences (735)
  (Other 1.P-Q4..with/without Kt-KB3 reply)
Dutch Defence (260)
Budapest Defence (203)
Old Benoni Defence

Flank Openings (1,123)

English Opening (497)
Zuckertort (for Reti) Opening (317)
Larsen's Opening
Bird's Opening (83)
Heinrichsen (or Baltic) Opg. (41)

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