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ChessOps - How to use the OPENINGS GUIDE

Clear Starts a new board with basic openings listed. Moves can then be studied via the titles (jump-linked to summary-descriptions) and/or via the board.

(via title) Shows a summary/key-positions for each opening, from where:
Begin Shows (or has steps into) the first unique move of the opening.
(plus eg.) 3 w b Shows move (ie. the 3rd finished moves by both White+Black).
(plus eg.) 5 w Shows move (ie. the 5th single-move by White).

(via board) Shows each position explained, from where:
Move Calls the next-in-sequence of generally accepted best moves for the current opening. Researched from a range of sources.
Undo Calls (forward) the previous-in-sequence of moves notated.
Jump Calls the summary/key-positions of the current stem opening.
or square)
Calls any accepted good or interesting move for that pawn, piece or square selected. Where more than one such move exists in the guide, a choice is possible.
W-Alt Cycles through each alternative move available for White.
B-Alt Cycles though each alternative move available for Black.
Transp. Shows a transposition (ie. main/alternate route to the position).
Clear Restarts a new board again, with basic openings listed.

Developmt Calls a summary of the Principles of Development.
Groups Calls a short listing of major openings, defences and variations by group, for intermediate study.
Index Calls a full alpha-index of all major openings, defences, gambits and variations, for advanced study.

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