aka. Baltic / Dunst / Queen's Knight Opg.

Board Position
A flank opening advocated by Arved Heinrichsen (1876-1900) but often called the Baltic because of his Lithuanian origins. Although Black can transpose into several K4(e4) openings, he also has good possibilities with 1..P-Q4 and 1..P-QB4 (below). Board Position
White seeks a limited occupation of the centre, bringing his queen's knight over to the king's side of the board (move 7wb, right) before launching a queen's-side attack.
Several early transpositions include a QP.Game (Chigorin Var.), a Vienna Game and a Closed Sicilian.
or Clear
or Groups
or see move: 1 Nc3 1..d5 2 e4 d4 3 Nce2 e5 4 Ng3 Be6 5 Nf3 f6 6 Bb5+ c6 7 Ba4 Nbd7
1..c5 2 d4 cxd4 3 Qxd4 Nc6 4 Qa4 g6 5 Bd2 Bg7 6 e4 d6 7 0-0-0 Be6