Here's a well-established mnemonic for remembering the order of succession of English royal dynastic Houses (combined with the Scottish from 1603, to become effectively British):

" No Plan Like Yours
To Study HISTORY Wisely! "

Norman (1066-), Plantaganet (1154-), Lancaster (1399-), York (1461-), Tudor (1485-), Stuart (1603-), Hanover (1714-1901), Windsor (1901/1917-present)

Be aware however that the immediate list only covers dynasties. Like many sources, it omits the Houses of Blois (1135-54) as no dynasty was created, Anjou (where land held until 1209) as pseudo-Plantagenet (1154-1399), Orange (1689-1702) as no dynasty and ruled jointly with Mary Stuart, and Saxe-Coburg & Gotha (1901-1917) because it was later renamed Windsor during the Great War.

Sympathetic supporters of Blios-ites, Angevins, Orangemen and Saxe-Coburgers/Goths may therefore prefer a new, fuller alternative by Peter Hobbs that adds the B, A, O and SC/G in their rightful places for the complete Houses (rather than the dynasties alone):

"No BLOODY ANCIENT Plan Like Yours
To Study OLD House-history SCRUTINISINGLY Well!"

The full guide includes pages with other mnemonics concerning the Scottish Dynasties and the complete Kings and Queens of England.


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