Here's a new mnemonic for remembering the order of succession of Scottish Royal dynastic Houses:

" All At Ball Brought Stew "

Alpin (839-1034 and 1040-58)
Atholl (1034-40 and 1058-1290)
no ruler 1290-92
Balliol (1292-6, 1332 and periods of 1333-46)
no ruler 1296-1306
Bruce (1306-71)
Stewart (1371-1625).

Noteable upsets occurred in 1040 (when Macbeth slew his cousin Duncan I, restoring the House of Alpin) and 1332 (when Edward Balliol invaded from England during the reign of David II).

James VI (who ruled 1567-1625) became the "Stuart" James I of England in 1603, successfully uniting the Scottish and English thrones. But after his grandson James II fled in 1688, the Royal House of Stewart became extinct on the male side in 1807 with the death of James I/VI's last great-great-grandson Henry, the Young Pretender's brother.


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